General Accessories

Part No.Description
05033Pan SS 1/2gn 2.50 in. 64 mm. *SO
059403 Paper Tray Wendys

Fryer Accessories

Part No.Description
03001Filter hose attachment EL assembly
03002Filter hose attachment GS assembly
03003Filter hose assembly
03004Rinse hose attachment electric only
03005Rinse hose attachment gas only
03007Casters 3 in. fryer set of 4
03154Casters locking set
03156Tether kit gas fryer
03204Crumb catcher basket PFG690
03343Filter pan dolly #4 electric 4/6-HD
03352Filter pan dolly #4 gas 4-HD
03353Oil deflector
03357Crumb pan 4 head electric assembly
03387Filter pan dolly #1 4/6-HD
03388Filter pan dolly SS #1 4/6-HD
03389Filter pan dolly #2 4-HD
03391Filter pan dolly #3 4-HD
03397Crumb pan 4 head gas assembly
03553Crumb basket PFE500 pre-2002
03554Crumb basket PFG600 pre-2002
03574Drain pan dolly OFG single
03601Shuttle conversion F500 kit
03602Shuttle conversion F600 kit
03616Filter hose ODS300.02
03617Auto top off jug
03622Crumb basket fine mesh
03623Split vat cover
03624Full vat cover
03629Full vat cover 32X
03632Split vat cover 32X
03633Pot cover CFA 32X
03634Pot cover A/L 32X
03638Pot cover 34X
03639Heat lamp 120V FDS210
03640Heat lamp 230V FDS210
03646Full vat cover EEG/LVG
03647Split vat cover EEG/LVG
03659Melter semi-solid 240V narrow MCD'S LVG10
03669Melter semi-solid 240V narrow GM EEG14X
03670Melter semi-solid 120V narrow GM EEG14X
03671Melter semi-solid 240V wide GM EEE14X
03672Melter semi-solid 240V MCD'S LVE20X
03675Melter semi-solid 120V wide GM EEE14X
03737Carrier 2.25 PXE/OXE
03738Carrier 2.375 PXE/OXE
03740Rack full pot EEG/EEE
03741 JIB box metal
03747Gas line installation 3/4 diameter X 48LG assembly
03749Gas line installation 1/2 diameter X 36LG assembly
03750Gas line installation 1/2 diameter X 48LG assembly
03751Gas line installation 1/2 diameter X 48LG assembly
03752Gas line installation 3/4 diameter X 36LG assembly
03753Gas line installation 3/4 diameter X 38LG assembly
03754Gas line installation 3/4 diameter X 60LG assembly
03755Gas line installation 1 diameter X 72LG assembly
03757Gas line installation 1 diameter X 48LG assembly
03758Gas line installation 1 diameter X 72LG assembly
03759Gas line installation 1 diameter X 60LG assembly
14012Access basket kit OFE/OFG-390
14303Rack kit 15 -290/390/590/690
14694Basket kit wire 8 Head(15)
14695Half rack kit coated 8 Head (15)
16242Plug 250V NEMA 15-50P
16243Receptacle 250V NEMA 15-50R
17801Fryer basket gas 600
19501Fryer basket electric 500
19502Fryer basket handle
19545Tier basket big bird gas KFC
19546Tier basket big bird electric KFC
21033Half basket tall CHIK-FIL-A
21036Half size basket 34X
210381/3 size basket 34X
33824Fry basket full size
35308Basket handle weldment
36374Basket handle weldment assembly
36404Basket wire GM 8 Head
44782Half size rack 8 Head
48115Fryer basket handle
48135Basket and handle standard assembly 6HD
50703Autolift basket full size
50704Autolift basket half size
50719Basket hangar assembly
55424Basket full size bail handle
56075Basket with scabbard 561
590781/3 size basket OFG 32X
62181Basket 390
63039Basket 4 layer SS electric
64058Basket 3 layer gas SS
64066Locking basket assembly 500
64067Locking basket assembly 600
64211Basket full size LCF
65466Half size basket coated
67461Half size rack coated
69085Half size basket F & R hook
73025Half size basket 6 fillets 500
81915Half basket, red handle
181575Half basket, black handle
82702Half size basket shorty bulk CTD
83449Half size tiered basket front/RR hook
83677Special basket shorty EE Wendy's
84038Dip basket
185374Full basket-black handle
86907Half size basket divided front support
90582Half size basket WENDYS EE
140016Basket kit OE303 3 pot fryer
140019Basket kit OG303 3 pot fryer
140020Basket kit OG304 4 pot fryer
140058Joining kit FDS210 to EEG142
140059Joining kit FDS210 to EEG143/144
140486Tier half basket kit CFA
140487Tier full basket kit CFA LH
140642Tier full basket kit CFA RH
140644Basket kit Z-handle
151339Half size basket PDQ 340
157220Tiered loading basket fillet LH
157221Full extended basket nugget CFA
157278Lid basket
157285Tiered loading basket fillet RH
157514Tiered basket CFA OFE500
159263Full basket CFA nugget
159490Tiered basket fillet RH OFE500
161451Tiered basket double hinge LH OFE500
162784Tier basket gas big bird KFC
165801Fryer basket handle CFA
168952Tiered basket double hinge 4HD
168957Tiered basket fillet LH
168958Tiered basket fillet LH
170968Hybrid basket triple pack
170969Hybrid basket single pack
173405Half basket outside support
173406Half basket EE Wendy's
180457Expanded basket PFE500 CFA
ODS100.0Oil disposal dolly 100 LB
ODS100.01Oil disposal dolly 100 LB
ODS100.02Oil disposal dolly 100 LB Kroger
ODS300.0Oil disposal shuttle
ODS300.06Oil disposal shuttle
ODS310.01Oil disposal shuttle F5
ODS350.03Oil disposal shuttle without plumbing stainless steel
ODS400.01ODS manual pump Wendy's
ODS450.01ODS with motorized pump

Rotisserie Accessories

Part No.Description
02664Stacking kit SCR-12,SCD/SCR-6
02665Stacking kit SCR-16,SCD/SCR-8
02737Rear shield SCR-6
02748Spit stand, 16 spit
02749Spit stand, 12 spit
03467Basket stand 8/16
03473Basket stand 6/12
03503Basket SCR8 chicken
03504Basket SCR8 coated chicken
03509Basket SCR8 butterfly
03511Basket SCR6 butterfly
03604Basket flat bottom coated TR, SCR6
03605Basket flat bottom coated TR, SCR8
03644Rails, chicken L+R, 3X, CR-3
03645Rails, chicken L+R, 5X, CR-5
052871/4 SS Pan 10.38 X 6.38 X 2.5
43804Basket solid bottom assembly TR6
43805Basket solid bottom assembly TR8
43813Basket grid solid bottom assembly TR6
43815Basket grid solid bottom assembly TR8
RMB363.0Rotisserie merchandiser base
SCT800.01Table rotisserie and combi

Cabinet Accessories

Part No.Description
03182Work top cabinet
03512Tray holder MCD UHC
03697Drain hose assembly AHC990
03700Cover/tray 8 FT AHC
05015Pan SS 1/1GN 2.50 in. 64 mm. *SO
05018Full Pan bun aluminum perforated
05019Full Pan bun solid aluminum
05021Rack wire grid (10 X 18) *SO
05030Pan bun grid 18 X 26
05046Grid wire 1/2 *SO
05186Pan black Teflon 12 X 20 X 2 1/2
05187Pan black Teflon 12X10 1/2X2 1/2
05189Pan black Teflon 12 X 14 X 2 1/2
05190Pan black Teflon 12 X 7 X 4
05214Pan SS perforated 1/1GN 1.25 in. 32 mm.
05215Pan SS perforated 1/2GN 1.25 in. 32 mm.
05218Half pan bun solid aluminum
71850Drawer large MPC
71851Drawer small MPC
151568Drawer small pass thru MPC
151569Drawer large pass thru MPC

Combioven Accessories

Part No.Description
03717Grid 6 chicken MKN
09392Grid 8 chicken
09783Fry basket
MM10013395Grill grate black 1/1GN
MM10014936Stand SpaceSaver Plus
MM10014936EStand FSE610 SpaceSaver Plug direct SH
MM10016948Cleaning brush FSE
MM202019Pan SpaceSaver 1/1GN 0.79 in. 20 mm.
MM202037Pan SpaceSaver 1/1GN 2.56 in. 65 mm.
MM202038EPan SpaceSaver 1/1GN 3.94 in.100 mm.
MM202046Pan SpaceSaver perforated 1/1GN 3.74 in. 95 mm.
MM202070Pan SpaceSaver 2/1GN 1.57 in. 40 mm.
MM202072Pan SpaceSaver 2/1GN 3.94 in. 100 mm.
MM202073Pan enamel CW plus 1.97 in. 50 mm.
MM202109Pan SpaceSaver perforated 1/1GN 1.57 in. 40 mm.
MM202316Rails, L+R 6X crosswise 615
MM202317Rails, L+R 10X crosswise 115
MM202345Pan enamel 1/1GN 0.79 in. 20 mm.
MM202345EPan enamel 1/1GN 0.79 in. 20 mm.
MM202355Pan SpaceSaver 2/3 GN 1.57 in. 40 mm.
MM202356Pan SS 2/3GN 0.79 in. 20 mm.
MM202358Pan SS PERF 2/3GN 1.57 in. 40 mm.
MM202359Tray coated aluminum perforated 2/3GN
MM202363Pan enamel CWPLUS 0.79 in. 20 mm.
MM202368Tray coated aluminum perforated CWPLUS
MM202368ETray coated aluminum perforated CWPLUS
MM202379Tray coated aluminum perforated 1/1GN
MM202379ETray coated aluminum perforated 1/1GN
MM202383Tray coated aluminum perforated 2/1GN
MM202385Tray coated aluminum 1/1GN
MM206028Grid 4 chicken 2/3GN 325X353 mm.
MM206045Grid shelf SS crosswise plus
MM206045EGrid shelf SS crosswise plus
MM206046Grid shelf SS 2/3GN 325X353 mm.
MM206049Half grid 6 chicken CWPLUS
MM206049EHalf grid 6 chicken CWPLUS
MM206050Fry basket crosswise plus
MM206063Grill Rack, 1/1GN, lengthwise
MM206063EGrill Rack, 1/1GN, lengthwise
MM206067Grill Rack, 1/1GN, crosswise
MM206067EGrill Rack, 1/1GN, crosswise
MM206103Grid shelf SS 2/1GN 650X530 mm.
MM206104Grid shelf SS 1/1GN 325X530 mm.
MM206104EGrid shelf SS 1/1GN 325X530 mm.
MM216114MOR-621 6X2/1GN
MM216143Rack chicken mobile MCR-215
MM216232Stand with legs 33.5 in. (850 mm.)
MM216232EStand with legs 33.5 in. (850 mm.)
MM216233Stand with legs 22.8 in. (580 mm.)
MM216234Stand with casters 33.5 in. (850 mm.)
MM216234EStand with casters S 33.5 in. (850 mm.)
MM216235Stand with casters 22.8 in. (580 mm.)
MM216235EStand with casters 22.8 in. (580 mm.)
MM216243Stand with legs 10.6 in. (270 mm.)
MM216259MOR-115 10X crosswise
MM216262MOR-615 6X crosswise
MM216278MOR-220 20XFS sheet pans easy-in
MM216295MOR-221 20X2/1GN easy-in
MM216299MOR-215 20X crosswise easy-in
MM402039EGrill tray 1/1GN 325X530 mm.
MM856331Rack for HANSD compact left
MM856332Rack for HANSD compact right

Food Preparation Accessories

Part No.Description
03044Dump tray stainless steel only
03727Pan support 3 rack
05906Connecting kit PBI3
05907Connecting kit PBI5
05916Merchandiser connecting kit PB/3
05917Merchandiser connecting kit PB/5
05918Merchandiser connecting kit PB/7
DT221.01Dump table W/SS Pan
FDS100.01Fryer dump station
FDS100.02Dump station -CE
FDS200.01Dump station stand alone
FDS200.02Dump station stand alone 320 ST-CE
FDS210.01Dump station stand alone EEE
FDS210.02Dump station stand alone EEG
FS100.01Discard oil shuttle small male
FS100.02Discard oil shuttle small female
FS200.01Discard oil shuttle large female
FS200.02Discard oil shuttle large male
FWS211.01Workstation EEE-141
FWS211.02Workstation EEG-141
MPB103.0Merchandiser base 3 well
MPB104.0Merchandiser base 4 well
MPB104.01Bumper ALB shadow black SP
MPB105.0Merchandiser base 5 well
MPB106.0Merchandiser base 6 well
MPB107.0Merchandiser base 7 well
PBB190.01Pedestal base 19"
PBB220.01Pedestal base 22"
PBI280.01Pedestal base island 28"
PC200.01Potato cutter 8 segment
PC200.02Potato cutter 1/4 in.
PC200.03Potato cutter 3/8 in.
PF180.0Portable filter
PF180.01Portable filter-180 115V 8 Head KFC
PF180.02Portable filter-180 208-240 8 Head KFC
PF180.03Portable filter-180 CE ENG 8 Head KFC

Cleaning Accessories

Part No.Description
03714Brush LVX ecolab
03736Brush kit with scraper
12072Glove pair neoprene coated
12073Glove general purpose 100/box
12105Brush set
12112Brush white straight
12115Brush gong short handle
12116Brush fryer gong long handle
12126Brush black L tipped
12147Brush deadweight exhaust
12232Goggles chemical splash
12236Sprayer bottle trigger head 1 qt.
14333Brushes with handle kit 290/590
14461Brush kit 500/561/600
18691Special brush
35771Brush white straight
39154Brushes standard assembly
52208Brush sparta
14333CHBrushes with handle kit 290/590