Required Information

Once you have identified the parts to be ordered, write down the following information:

From the parts list:

  • Part Number
  • Description

From the data plate on the unit:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number

Use the format of the following table to prepare spare parts orders. Providing all the information in the table enables your supplier to send you the correct parts. Prepayment will expedite your order.

Part No. Description Quantity Ordered Price Each Total Price
16706 Knob, Thermostat 2 $2.00 $4.00
16102 Knob, Spindle Red 1 $2.00 $2.00

Use care when ordering recommended parts, because all voltages and variations are marked. Distributors should order parts based upon common voltages and equipment sold in their territory.


In some cases, items in the parts list can be purchased in groups (called subassemblies) instead of purchasing individual parts. The parts list shows these subassemblies by indenting the description of the parts included within the subassembly.


Parts prices vary based on geographic location and supplier. Your supplier has a priced parts list and will be glad to inform you of the cost of your parts order. Local distributors may be able to offer discounts not available from Henny Penny or parts warehouses.


Commonly replaced items are stocked by your supplier and are shipped when your order is received. Other parts are ordered by your supplier directly from the Henny Penny Parts Department. Normally, these are sent to your supplier within 3 working days.


Parts can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, from parts warehouses, or from your local distributor.

Local Distributor

To find a local distributor, click here. Local distributors may be able to offer discounts or same day delivery.

Parts Warehouses

Some parts warehouses may be regional.