PFE 500 and PFE 561 series

Computron C1000 Control (General Market)

Computron C2000 Control (Wendy's)

Computron C8000 Control Panel

Computron C8000 1 Phase Control

Computron C8000 3 Phase Control

SMS-20 Control Assembly (KFC)

Fast Control Parts

Electromechanical Control Assembly (General Market)

Automatic Reset Timer Assembly

CFA Original Control

CFA Hybrid Control

Electric Conduit Assembly

Frame and Cabinet Assembly

Lid Assembly

Complete Lid with Crossarm Assembly

Fry Basket Assembly

CFA Double-Hinged Basket Assembly

CFA Half-Quarter Size Funnels

Exhaust Stack Assembly

Deadweight Valve Assembly

Solenoid Valve Assembly

Vat, Drain Valve, and Pressure Plumbing Assembly

Lower Filter Plumbing Components

Upper Filter Plumbing Components

Rinse Hose

Flange Mount Filter Pump and Motor Assembly

Direct-Connect Assembly

Filter Pan and Filter Screen Assembly

Supersorb Filter Assemblies

Contactor and Frame Assembly (Single Phase Electric)

Contactor and Frame Assembly (Three Phase Electric)

Heating Element and High Limit Assembly

Fast Control Pressure Assist Assembly

C8000 Control Pressure Assist Assembly

KFC Pressure Fryer Safety Inspection Tag